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Hi, thanks for visiting the site to find out about me! My name is Joe Feeley, a local Manchester born musician and football fan. I have played music all over the world and alongside many famous musicians who you will know. I have been to School, College, and University with many different famous Manchester musical alumni who you will learn about on the tour!

Playing a tin whistle I have won the All Ireland Final Under 12 in County Kerry with St. Wilfrid’s ceilidh band from Hulme, next door to where Stephen Morrissey went to primary school, which was the first time a non-Ireland born band had won the title. We played to a capacity crowd at The Free Trade Hall in support of The Wolfe Tones, performed on one of the biggest radio stations in the UK, Piccadilly Radio, and also appeared on BBC 2 when it was one of just three channels on television.

I drummed the following year in the band that retained the All Ireland in County Kilkenny which was the first time any band had kept possession of the trophy. St Wilfrid’s supported The Wolfe Tones at The Carousel which later became The International 2 on Plymouth Grove. It was the biggest venue in Manchester which meant I drummed to over 3,000 people. Below you can see me along with Andrew Dinan on the banjo who went on to play with Ade Edmonson. Edmondson is known for his role as Vyvyan in The Young Ones and more recently as Daniel Cook in Eastenders!

Me on the left on drums in St Wilfred’s Ceilidh Band in 1982

I played the wooden flute along with Michael McGoldrick in the Mayo Youth from the age of thirteen. He went on to play with Toss the Feathers in 1988 when Manchester appeared to be the music capital of the world as The Stone Roses and The Happy Mondays became household names. I have also appeared on many TV and radio shows, including the hit TV Series Cutting it with Amanda Holden of X-Factor and Britain’s Got Talent fame.



During my journalistic career I have met many football players, both current and ex-players who have played for Manchester City, Manchester United and a host of other clubs. I have many interviews with Manchester football and music figures which I will put in the archives of the site as the site develops.

For many years people have been saying to me that I need to share my knowledge of everything that I have learned and experienced in my life but I didn’t know the best medium available. However, In 2016 I began working as a walking tour guide in Liverpool for Sandeman’s New Europe Tours. It ignited my interest in tour guiding in Manchester where I have been explaining the history of the city and many of its characters for as long as I can remember. So in June 2019, after three years of researching other tours in Manchester, and a lifetime of research of Manchester music and football (even though I didn’t realise that was what I was doing at the time!) I embarked on my journey and started Rock and Goal Manchester. I have been so happy and it’s the best decision I have ever made. I would love you to come on the tour and experience the real Manchester and learn some great stories and anecdotes from a Manchester native that I have picked up over the years.

Hi, I’m Joe Feeley your Manchester born local guide! I would like to welcome you on the 2 hour Manchester walking tour which will guide you through all the best attractions of the city & things to do in Manchester. I will take you to see must-see spots. The tour also has a particular emphasis on football and music, both of which Manchester is very famous for. I will also share amazing stories about the foundation of the football in Manchester and show you the important musical venues such as Night and Day Cafe where household names played their first gigs.

Things To Do In Manchester


World Famous bands and football

Explore Manchester with a true Mancunian (person from Manchester) and listen to my personal stories interactions with Manchester’s biggest names in music and football! For example, see me on TV here with David Beckham!


If you missed me it’s at 27 Seconds! It was a brief encounter but I have a great story about my day out which you can learn about on the tour!!


Manchester Guided Tours

The heartbeat of the UK

It can sometimes seem like all Roman roads lead back to Manchester, England.  Sure, it isn’t the capital, but that doesn’t stop it from being the UK’s capital of music and football. This City Centre walking tour will show you some of Manchester’s major memorials that celebrate some of the most crucial figures in music and football history. With regards to music, you will hear about the Free Trade Hall made famous by Bob Dylan and The Sex Pistols and where I have also played. For football fans you will see the building where the football league was established as well as listen to a host of stories about Manchester’s top clubs Manchester United and Manchester City.

A true world city

Much more than one of the UK’s major cities, Manchester is truly a world city, and is firmly placed on the bucket list of music and football fans across the globe. As you stroll through the back streets of Manchester you will see also see streets made famous by movies and television. In fact, some of Manchester’s streets have been compared to old New York and several movies have been filmed in Manchester which you can learn about on the tour.

Manchester Walks And Tours

Starting point

The music and football tour of Manchester starts from The Piccadilly Tap, Piccadilly Station Approach at 11 AM. The tour usually finishes at The National Football Museum but may vary depending on the needs of the group.


During the Walking tour of Manchester you will have:

  • Local enthusiastic English-speaking guide
  • Lots of information on what you want to know. If there’s anything specific you need to know then Joe can accommodate.
  • Incredible anecdotes that you cannot find on any tour anywhere in the world.


  • Rest assured that Joe has your best interests in mind; while the tour usually includes the sites & stories mentioned and lasts about 3 hours, your tour may vary depending on what Joe thinks is best for your group. 
  • Wheelchair accessible


Booking is necessary as Joe is often playing a gig or performing at events such as The Irish Music Festival, Manchester Pride, Manchester Day, Manchester Caribbean Carnival and many many others. But Joe is flexible so you can mutually agree a time. You can also see what Joe is doing has done in the past by having a look at his blog. Also it’s a good idea to get in touch with Joe as you will be welcome to join any of his events where possible!

You can book via whatsapp on +447845666167 or through Tripadvisor.