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what are the must-see spots in manchester and what don't you recommend to visit?

Manchester has so much to offer the tourist, it's really hard to nail down just one thing. 🐝

For sporting fans, a guided trip to Manchester United's ground and Manchester City's grounds are absolute musts. For music fans, if you're in the city in the summer there's tonnes of festivals including Manchester Day, Parklife, Manchester Caribbean Festival, Pride and so much more, In the rest of the year you can enjoy the small music venues dotted around the city. Joe can point you in the right direction of what is going on for when you visit. 🐝

For nightlife fans, you're really spoilt for choice! From Deansgate locks to Canal Street and Manchester's smallest bar. All types of music and price ranges are catered for 🐝

For history buffs you can enjoy the meandering the back streets and imagining the converted cotton mills back in the day. 🐝

For movie fans, take a look at the hidden film sets around Manchester Town Hall and in the Northern Quarter.🐝

Art fans will have a field day around the Northern quarter checking out all the street art 🐝

Looking to go during the summer of next year. Any tips for that? What is the best time?

Anytime is great to come but in the Summer you're going to get al the things that are great about Manchester plus all the great festivals! The downside about coming in the Summer is that many places can be booked out. But you can get around this by staying just a little outside the city as Manchester has great transport links to the suburbs.🐝

Most things that you can do in the summer you can also do in the winter. The winter is also when the students are back so Manchester's population seems to double in the centre! So just come to Manchester and enjoy 🐝

Some cool tips you should know about manchester


Manchester is for everyone.

It's no surprise that Manchester has a great reputation for inclusivity. From the days of backing anti-slavery through to being at the forefront of equal rights for women and gender equality. Did you also know Manchester is the most linguistically diverse city in western Europe Manchester?

Manchester truly has it all and loves to share with you 🐝


Concerts and outdoor opera events are happening all year long. it's an amazing experience.

Whilst the majority of the outdoor festivals are during the summer, there's always loads of events through the year and even some Winter specific ones like the Christmas markets and Pantomimes.

Manchester attracts all the global superstars from The Rolling Stones to Beyonce whilst also showcasing homegrown talent like Oasis and Simply Red. So whenever you're in town you can be sure that there will be some famous faces around 🐝


Manchester can offer more than just the well-known tourist spots. Explore the outskirts of Manchester.

The countryside surrounding Manchester is stunning! If you get the chance you should head out to the Peak District where you can enjoy little traditional villages such as Edale and Hope.

There you will find stone brick cottages and pubs with open fires and also some great hiking! You can even find some Manchester favourites to eat such as Bakewell tarts! 🐝


you can even find cat friendly cafes and dog friendly pubs.

Not only do Mancunians love people they also love their animals! You can check out the cat cafe in the centre and mix with the Manchester moggies or go to the many dog friendly pubs. If you go further afield you can even find dog venues with their very own doggie menu! 🐝


you can mix with the locals. try to enjoy the people by striking up a conversation!

Mancunians are a friendly bunch by nature. If you're in a bar or pub you can get a conversation going very easily especially in places like Sinclair's Oyster Bar or Yes Bar! Or later on Canal Street people will love to chat to you! 🐝

Smile and enjoy Manchester. take a long walk around and chat to people.

Manchester has the national reputation as being one the friendliest places in the UK. You should come and enjoy the banter with the locals, you might even learn some local slang! 🐝